Plant Watering News

At GLEE 2009 we were pleased to display our plant watering mats – RAINMATS.These mats are available in packs of four plant watering mats, and singly for a holiday watering system or in five metre rolls for the serious gardener and commercial growers.

Plant watering mats
quickly absorb a litre of water when placed at root level and then release it to the plants in hanging baskets or containers when it is needed thus reducing the frequency of the need to water and the consequent saving of water.

Visitors to the show were impressed with our holiday watering mat that provides a unique holiday watering system to ensure that the plants that are normally kept indoors do not wilt and die for a lack of water whilst you are away for 14 to 21 days.

HolidayMat, our holiday watering system is a fibre mat impregnated with RAINGEL granules that is placed either on the kitchen draining board or on a tray (but away from direct sunlight) and then charged with approximately four litres of water and this serves as a reservoir for your plants that have been placed on the mat.

The plant watering mats, the holiday watering mats and the five metre rolls (that can be cut to size with scissors to fit into any container or for use as a holiday watering mat) have proved very popular in the USA and residents there only have to email us at to obtain details of our distributors in the States who stock mats for both the plant watering mat and the holiday watering system.

This year we’re celebrating 25 years in business as a company and over ten years of continuing success with our unique Fertile range of water retaining and feeding products. Raingel, Rainmat, Gel & Feed and the other great products in the range continue to seriously outperform all other products on the market and at great value prices too.

Our products sell all over the world these days and we’re delighted to be able to make that process even easier now through this, our brand new website which gives full details of all our products as well as information on prices and packaging. You can now order your supplies of Raingel, Rainmat, Gel & Feed and the other excellent products in the range directly through this website. It’s the no-nonsense, easy to use one-stop shop for your plant care needs – just select the products you want, go to the check out, fill in your details and then sit back and wait for us to deliver to your door. It couldn’t be easier.

In our continuing best efforts to bring our products to the public, Michael Slater, one of the key members of the team appeared on TV on the Ideal Shopping Channel a little earlier this year to explain the products and gave a brilliant demonstration of just how effective they are, especially when compared with any of the rival materials. The public were clearly suitably impressed – sales during and immediately after the programme far outstripped even our expectations. Stocks were exhausted in no time and a whole host of new regular customers was added to our lists.

Watch this space for regular news items, updates and special features and don’t hesitate to contact us through the websiteContact Us facility if you require any additional information on any of our products.