RainMat is a superbly practical combination of biodegradable absorbent fibres and our fast-acting RainGel crystals. For use in hanging baskets, pots, containers, mangers and window boxes. 

Part fill the container with compost, place the mat in at root level, fill up with compost, plant up and water. The crystals will rapidly absorb the water to form a reservoir into which the plant roots will grow, taking in water as they require. Hanging Basket RainMats will last throughout the season and will absorb more water than similar products. They can be cut to any size to fit your requirements and will help to keep your plants watered and healthy through even the driest of summers. 

RainMats are supplied in packs of 4 (18cms x 18cms) and also in 5m by 56cm rolls which can be cut to size or for the real enthusiast as well as for commercial customers, we supply packs of 100 mats at a very special price. 

We also recommend our unique HolidayMat. Made from the same clever combination of biodegradable absorbent fibres and fast-acting RainGel crystals as our RainMat, this brilliantly effective product will preserve your indoor plants while you’re on holiday. Place the HolidayMat on a tray in your sink or on the draining board, water carefully and evenly across the mat with 8 pints (4 litres) of water and stand your pots on the mat. Your plants will then extract water as they require it. The HolidayMat will remain wet for 14-21 days so you can be confident that your plants will flourish.

HolidayMats measure 56cms x 40cms and come with full instructions and illustrations for trouble free use.


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