“Having several high profile sites in the centre of Manchester where I have many large rectangular planters, I decided at the beginning of Summer 2005 to trial the RAINMAT water storage mats.

I am delighted with the result, not only have my plants flourished, but also, instead of watering them three times a week I now only have to water them once a week thereby considerably reducing labour costs.

I can truly recommend this product and will certainly continue to use it in the future.”

Stephen Murphy

“Letter of recommendation for Plant-Watering

We have used the product produced by Plant-Watering in the hanging baskets and tubs around Manchester and Heaton Park.

This has proved to be a great success in terms of better quality of display and a labour saving product.

I will definitely use this product again and I fully recommend these water retaining mats to any interested party.”

Geoff Thomas
Heaton Park Horticultural Centre