presents a brilliant new range of products to help your plants grow strong, healthy, and well nourished.

Our effective plant watering products will absorb large amounts of water and up to a hundred times faster than other horticultural granules and gels. This allows it to create a reservoir where your plants can draw water as they need it. Plant watering is substantially reduced and the risks to plants during summer holiday periods all but disappears.

Our special gradual release plant feed provides ample nourishment for your plants as and when they require it.

The Plant-watering range of products is great for your plants.


Please note, all our products are presented in very practical air-tight, resealable packs and tubs.

Plant Watering Products Include:

  • RainGel – Fast acting water storage granules
  • RainMat – Water Storage Mats
  • HolidayMat – Holiday Watering System
  • Slow Release Plant Feed
  • RainGel and Feed – A combination of Fast acting water storage granules and Slow Release Plant Feed.